Pheast was first established in March 2018 as a new innovative noodle bar in Greenwoods Corner Epsom. Pheast soon established a reputation for quality noodle dishes and gained a strong following particularly with online orders and Uber Eats., Pheast currently has a 4.9 rating on Uber Eats which if we dont mind saying so ourselves is quite an achievement considering that every dish is individually cooked to order.

What we did hear from our customers though was that they wished we were a dine in restaurant so they could come visit from outside the immediate area and eat in.

Takeaway only, had its limitations especially with Covid as customers cut back on driving too far away from home.

We were also receiving customer requests for more than noodle dishes so in light of these facts, if Pheast was to thrive as a takeaway only we had to expand our offerings and as Pheast is a sister company of Wok Express it was decided that we change to the Wok Express brand as this will provide the comprehensive menu which customers were asking for. This has turned out to be a successful change as our customer base has doubled since rebranding to Wok Express.

However due to the fact that Pheast had built a great reputation, customers still wanted Pheast dishes so we maintained the Pheast menu and operated as a ghost kitchen so that customers could still order pickup and delivery as normal directly from our website as well as on Uber Eats.

We are planning to relaunch Pheast as a dine in restaurant in central Auckland as soon as borders reopen fully and we can bring in chefs. Currently after 2 years of the covid era the labour shortage means this is not possible and wont improve until early 2023.