Frequently Asked Questions

This Page was last modified on 24 March 2017.

Opening Hours

Our opening hours for LOCK DOWN

 4.30pm to 9.00pm 7 days

Deliveries start at 5pm and last orders are taken at 8.45pm


How long does it take for delivery?

There are many factors that determine how long it takes. If it’s an off peak time you can receive your order in under 30 minutes but at peak demand for example , friday night, adverse weather or a big game on TV it can take up to an hour. Sometimes it may exceed one hour slightly but rest assured we are working very hard to get through the orders as fast as we can.

I did not receive an order confirmation. Did my order get through?

Please check your spam folder as Pheast sends out many confirmation emails it can sometimes be sent to your spam folder.

On rare occasions there may be a problem with the email confirmation reaching you due to Internet Providers having issues with their mail servers. Most often in this case the order has gone through ok to us and it is just a problem with the email not getting through to you. However to be sure, it is best to contact the store you placed the order with so we can check your order for you and confirm that it is being processed.

Is there a minimum order for delivery and is there a charge for delivery?

Minimum order for delivery is $20 including a delivery fee of $5.  For example $20 of food items plus $5 for delivery totals to $25 which meets the minimum requirement.

Why is delivery not free?

The cost of delivery is considerable with driver salaries, scooters, maintenance, running costs, insurance etc. The actual cost per delivery is between $7.00 and $8.00.

We cannot fully subsidise the cost of delivery like some pizza restaurants for example as our costs are far higher and therefore margins lower. We require skilled chefs to prepare your order and due to the large quantity of meat and vegetables and the  amount of preparation required in Asian cuisine the cost of the food production is far higher than a typical pizza or burger.

I only live close by, can I get free delivery or faster delivery?

Unfortunately the cost of having the infrastructure available for delivery is the most significant part of the cost and therefore it does not make much difference if the driver has to go 200 metres or 2km. The cost to Pheast is about the same apart from a small fuel usage cost.

Delivery orders are prepared on a first come first served basis. Sometimes orders are grouped together according to the customer’s location. This is done to maximise efficiency and reduce waiting time and as a result it may mean that your order is faster than expected.

Why won’t the system accept my address?

Pheast website uses a predefined delivery area and if your address is not inside the area you will only be able to proceed with a Pick up order.

Pheast uses Google maps for the delivery address database and as a result uses the Google maps street/unit numbering format. If your address is inside the areas but you are unable to enter your unit or apartment number then please just enter the street number and provide the unit/apartment number in the special instructions field.

Please check that you enter the right suburb. For example, there are many George Streets in Auckland so you need to enter George Street Newmarket or George Street Eden Terrace

Why won’t the website load on my device?

The Pheast website works on the majority of browsers but some older versions such as Internet Explorer 8 or below may not work. Some older mobile devices may not work.  If your device or computer cannot load the website please let us know and state what device and browser version you are using.

How can I pay for my order?

Delivery orders can be paid online by credit card or by cash.

You can pay in-store if picking up your order by credit card, cash or eftpos.

Can I pay by credit card on the website for pick up orders?

Pheast accepts credit card payments online for any any type of order. However in-store credit card payments do not incur a credit card surcharge as they are not being processed through the online payment gateway.

How will I know that my credit card details will be kept secure?

When you order products through this website we use a secure server. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts the information you send when you place an order through this website, this keeps your information safe and secure.

Happy with your order?

That’s great, we aim to please. We would love it if you could leave us a positive review.

Have a problem with your order?

At Pheast we genuinely do our best to prepare your order to the best of our ability and if we make a mistake we like to put it right.

Please let us know either by emailing us at or phone the store you ordered from.